The Last Trip

“If life were predictable, it would cease to be life, and be without flavour.”– Eleanor Roosevelt The coming-to-be of March succeeded the passing away of the mid-semester exams.Hence in a couple of days or two, the students would leave the campus and head their homes for the mid semester break. This break was the onlyContinue reading “The Last Trip”

Call of the Kite

The scorching heat of the afternoon followed by the sudden downpour had made it difficult for the people to fly kites on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. But now that the deluge had stopped, the people emerged on their roofs as ants emerge from their castle. The downpour had cooled the evening and cleared the skyContinue reading “Call of the Kite”


A MUSLIM MISSIONARY IN MEDIAEVAL KASHMIR (Tohfatu’l-Ahbab) The saying, ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ perhaps holds true for this piece of work by Kashinath Pandit. A simple blue green tincture of the front cover may at first not call for the attention of the readers because the treasure of knowledge and information thatContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW”


Men are angels born without wings, nothing could be nicer than to be born without wings and to make them grow. Jose Saramago “Don’t forget the coriander” shouted my mother from inside the kitchen as soon as I stepped outside the house to go and buy the groceries. It was a hot day, just likeContinue reading “BOY IN THE BYLANE”


In the middle of the night, amidst the complete darkness and silence, the palely lit moon struggles to reveal its presence from behind the misty clouds. The clouds create the smudges around the moon. Nevertheless, with a little bit struggle, the moon somehow manages to peek through and into the window of a white building.Continue reading “THE DESIGN OF LIFE”


The people of Jammu and Kashmir have time and again shown their confidence in the present government. But now it is time that the government should start paying heed to the grievances of the public caused due to the suspension of the 4G services. Daily excelsior [04.05.2020] #Jammuandkashmir#internet#4g#restoration#untiltheyhearus


With the ongoing scenario in the country with the number in corona cases surging every day, the lockdown was continued into lockdown 2.0. This step was essential to keep a check on the contagion. But due to the carelessness and negligence of certain people by defying the orders of complete lockdown, the number of hostsContinue reading “MAKE EDC CORONAFREE”


Imagine yourself wandering in some place for a long time, sweat dripping off your entire body as if you were drenched in rain. The sun shining so bright that even the darkest of the clouds gobbling it cannot stop its light from penetrating. You can’t walk any further because you are dehydrated and you haveContinue reading “BIRD BATH”


“Seasons they will change, life will make you growDreams will make you cry, cry, cryEverything is temporary, everything will slide.”___Imagine Dragons(Birds) Why do we say- ‘The Past’, ‘The Present’, ‘The Future’? Why don’t we have a single notion to depict time?___ Because they are all distinct. Each of these has its own value in thisContinue reading “WORLD IN FLUX”

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